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Use our products ,You will find why Macroway is preferable .


Macroway is the specialist of electric hydraulic servo valve,Our valves have stable working status,Low leakage,and excellent dynamic frequency response.They are widely used in different field for servo actuating.

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Servo amplifier is for driving various of electro hydraulic servo valves precisely ,,no matter Nozzle flapper servo valves,or Jet pipe servo valves.matching with valves and special controllers for servo actuators,servo motors,and servo pumps.

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Servo actuator is the key actuating element of Electric hydraulic servo system, which is used widely for Electric hydraulic servo system,Electric hydraulic(static pressure &fatigure) loading system, specially popular by Aerospace,power plants,material testing.

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Electric hydraulic Servo system has high requirements for pressure pulsation,oil cleanliness,oil temperature , and operating noise,etc. Macroway can design and make servo pumps according to clients' special requests. And try to make the goods with a high quality exceed clients expectation.

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We supply the servo valves parts with reasonable price, Servo spools and bushing ,feedback wires, filters, we do special design according to different requests.

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